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Review: DSG Primal Gloves by Saqib Khan

DSG Primal Gloves.Blackits better to use these gloves during stunts, to prevent the wrist rashes

Review: DSG Nero Jacket by Athreya Upadhya

DSG Nero Jacket

DSG Nero Jacket

Wonderful jacket. Very very comfortable, and makes you feel safe. Love the air slits on the front, back an biceps. But to fit in the right size perfectly, you need to have slimmer arms.. I was forced to go for a large size jacket, just because my arms wouldn’t fit in the medium, which was the perfect size for my torso and shoulders, And now the large jacket makes me look twice as large as I actually am. But hey.. Wonderful jacket.

Review: DSG Primal Gloves by Akshay Tendulkar

DSG Primal Gloves.BlackThese are my upgrade from a 3yr use of Moto Mesh gloves. From the very first impression & usage : Truly a gr8 feel, upmarket quality & a real VFM product with carbon fiber protection & built to last build & finish, even in worst of crashes. They need time to get used to thou. A bit more of ventilation is required fr me as I sweat a lot. But they provide xcellent warmth in cold night ride.

Review: DSG Motomesh Gloves by Akshay Tendulkar

DSG Motomesh GlovesThese were the first riding gloves in my biking life. After 3yrs & after arnd 20K kms of use they still are in the besest of conditions w/o any tear or thread dismantle. But as its ageing I have shifted to yet another product from DSG. The Primal gloves as an upgrade. But even fr normal city rides I prefr these. These are the best gloves that 850INR can buy U in India.

Review: DSG Phoenix Jacket by Shaleen Vaikunthe

DSG Phoenix Jacket

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