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Review: DSG Primal Gloves by Akshay Tendulkar

DSG Primal Gloves.BlackThese are my upgrade from a 3yr use of Moto Mesh gloves. From the very first impression & usage : Truly a gr8 feel, upmarket quality & a real VFM product with carbon fiber protection & built to last build & finish, even in worst of crashes. They need time to get used to thou. A bit more of ventilation is required fr me as I sweat a lot. But they provide xcellent warmth in cold night ride.

AXO Pro Race Gloves at a special discount!


Warm regards to all the fellow bikers! DSG brings you yet another bag-it deal on the newly arrived AXO Pro Race gloves.

Review: DSG MotoMesh Gloves by Ritesh Khanna

Hi Everyone,

DSG Motomesh GlovesI have brought this product from Planet Dsg Dealer in New Delhi at Vasant Kunj from Mr.Rajiv Pradhan. I will like to say i usually don’t wear Gloves much but i have Wear this gloves on a long route of 50 kms in a single run and i was Satified with this Gloves. This Gloves gives good protection and Ventilation as well. But still i am not used to Gloves so i Wear it kinda pretty less. But this Gloves are Worth the Money i will say Value For Money. I will give these gloves 4/5 rating

Review: DSG Vector Gloves by Bharathwaj PS

My first proper riding gloves. I got this when it was launched and I have used it for almost 2 years. Value for money and very good protection.

Special Discount Offer on Alpinestars Alloy Gloves

For May, we have a special discount offer on Alpinestars Alloy Gloves.

Alpinestars Alloy Gloves

Alpinestars Alloy Gloves

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