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Review: Daijya G-Fit Dragon Helmet by Akshay Tendulkar

Daijya G-Fit DragonThis is one helmet really worth every penny paid. Snug fits & superb comfort. The pump can be used to get one fir in more snugly in order to prevent the shakes suffered at higher cruising speeds.

Suomy Extreme: Andrea Dovizioso replica helmet


Suomy has launched a new color scheme in it’s top end Extreme helmet series with Andrea Dovizioso replica colors. The helmet is made with composite fibre shell using Structurally Enhanced Composite (S.E.C.) shell construction which also incorporates sound absorbing elements making for a quiet ride.Suomy Extreme Andrea Dovizioso Replica Helmet

Arai Quantum, A road helmet with GP technology

Arai has released it’s new Quantum II helmet using technology derived from the top end RX-7 helmets used in MotoGP. Featurnig a more road based design with extra comfort, padding and being slightly heavier, Quantum series is geared towards the sports tourers with less noise as compared to the RX-7 GP series which debuted in late 2008.

AGV to produce limited edition Celebr-8 Rossi replica helmets

AGV Italy has confirmed a limited run of Valentino Rossi replica helmets for 2009. These helmets will feature a chequered graphic design which is a reminiscent of the Celebr-8 helmet that Valentino Rossi wore when he won his 8th Moto Grand Prix Championship in Japan last year.

SHARP Ratings for Front-Flip helmets from UK Govt.

SHARP safety standard ratings for front flip helmets sold in UK has been released by the government. On a 5 star scale, only 2 of 20 flip helmets were able to reach 5 star standard, the BMW System 5 & Caberg Trip flip helmet.

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