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Review: Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air Jacket by Jacob Joseph

I had the misfortune of crash testing the jacket. Went sliding along the tarmac for about 10m on my right arm after falling on my shoulder. The armour saved my shoulder and elbow.

Review: DSG Nero Jacket by Athreya Upadhya

DSG Nero Jacket

DSG Nero Jacket

Wonderful jacket. Very very comfortable, and makes you feel safe. Love the air slits on the front, back an biceps. But to fit in the right size perfectly, you need to have slimmer arms.. I was forced to go for a large size jacket, just because my arms wouldn’t fit in the medium, which was the perfect size for my torso and shoulders, And now the large jacket makes me look twice as large as I actually am. But hey.. Wonderful jacket.

Review: DSG Phoenix Jacket by Shaleen Vaikunthe

DSG Phoenix Jacket

Review: DSG Nero Jacket by Kiran Kumar

DSG Nero Jacket

DSG Nero Jacket

I must say what an amazing product for 6k i am very satisfied with the quality and with craftmenship of the product every time i wear this jacket i feel protected amazing insulation in cold weathers this jacket has every thing you can possibly ask for that too for this amazing price i’m so used to this jacket that if i don’t wear this jacket i dont feel safe riding on motorcycle

Super-Sale on Alpinstars Jackets

Alpinestars T-RC-1 Jacket Air Flo Red

How many times have you wished you had riding gear from a premium brand like Alpinestars? Very often right? Here is your chance to tick on the Alpinestars jacket on that wish-list, because DSG brings a special discount offer on all Alpinestars textile jackets. You can choose from the wide range of Alpinestars textile riding jac

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