K&N RC-1060 Air Filters available

The K&N RC-1060 universal air filters again in stock in our Pune showroom. You can buy them off the shelf or order online at PlanetDSG.com.

KN RC-1060

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77 Responses to K&N RC-1060 Air Filters available

  1. Vinay says:

    will performance increase just by installing kn filter? is upjetting necessary? do u have any branch in Bangalore?

  2. vinay says:

    will performance of my fzs increase just by installing kn rc1060?? is upjetting necessary??

  3. PlanetDSG says:

    Your bike can be tuned to increase performance after installation of a K&N air filter. Upjetting will be required to adjust fuel & air ratio.

    We can courier the product to you from Pune. Delivery takes 1-2 working days.

  4. satyam says:

    will rc 1060 suit for pulsar 220 f?? plzz replyy mee fast..!!

  5. saju says:

    Which i can use for cbz star?

  6. akash says:

    which k&n filter is suitable for my honda cb twister?
    will it affect my bikes average?
    where is ur branch in pune?
    rply me fast……..

  7. akash says:

    which filter will suit my honda cb twister?
    will it decrease my bikes average?
    how are iridium spark plugs useful?
    rply fast on my e-mail.

  8. mobin says:

    hi, i am mobin. I have a hero honda hunk and i was wondering if i can use a k&n Rc1060 air filter for my bike. R there any mileage or performance problems that i shud kno abt?pls hlp me


  9. PlanetDSG says:

    Pick RC-1060 for your bike.

    Our Pune store is located at : 6, M.G. Road. http://www.planetdsg.com/contact_us.php

  10. Vikash Yadav says:

    Will RC-1060 get fitted in my honda aviator…..PLZ REPLY FAST

  11. chaitanya says:

    i have installed k&n Rc 1060 in my honda twister,performance increased…i could speed up my vehicle to 105-110kmph and mileage increased 5kmpl more…totally sounds good!!

  12. vaibhav says:

    will rc1060 get fitted in my honda cb unicon dazzler ……….
    and what is its price…….reply me fast bro…..

  13. vaibhav says:

    wich k&n air fillter will fit in my bike ????
    my budget is rs 1000 plese help me…………

  14. sainarth says:

    RC-1060 is suitable for new discover 125?

  15. sainarth says:

    RC-1060 is suitable for discover 125?

  16. Manas says:

    Rc1060 is suitable for cbz star or not?

  17. chandu says:

    planning to instal rc1060 k&n on my honda unicorn
    does it can get installed wit the carb mouth
    after installing how wil be the performance and any increase in mileage
    wil it affect the engine head wall
    plz help me out
    what is the price of rc 1060

    thank you

  18. bharat tahilramani says:

    would k&n rc1060 cn sease engine of honda aviator

  19. santhosh says:

    @chandu dont install it. Its not suitable for indian conditions ad fine dust particles can enter inside the engine n will act as sandpaper. And @tamasu yes it can cause engine to cease

  20. Sumanth says:

    which filter is suitable for karizma zmr. Please reply Bt the earliest. I want to buy asap

  21. PlanetDSG says:

    RC-1060 will be most suitable for ZMR

  22. Nikesh Ashok says:

    i installed rc 1060 in my fazer150 is up jetting is necessary? is there any changes in milege
    pls reply me soon

  23. sudhi says:

    which k&n air filter to be used for Honda twister

  24. Manoj says:

    Did k&n RC 1060 will fit in in my discover 125Es 2012 model
    Reply me soonnnnn

  25. PlanetDSG says:

    Yes, you can use RC-1060 on a Discover 125ES

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