DSG Primal is a full gauntlet riding glove constructed with premium grade leather. Keprotec fabric, is a combination of Kevlar and Polyamid and is 5 times stronger than steel. It is is used in manufacturing Primal.

Primal comes equipped with carbon fibre knuckle protection, carbon fibre protection for pinkie (little) finger. It has air vents on knuckles and on back of hand to provide much needed ventilation to your hands.

The pre-curved fingers don’t put any stress and ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day. DSG primal also has an abrasion resistant palm protection to save in case of a fall.

Dual Velcro closures provide a proper fit throughout the day and ensures that the gloves don’t come off in case of a crash. Elastic and Velcro closure at wrist provides correct fitting and a second line of defence in case of crash.

Full Gaunlet construction means you can tuck in the riding jacket sleeve inside the glove for better weather protection.

All in all, DSG primal is one of the most reliable riding glove available in India.

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Product Specifications :

  • Constructed with premium grade leather to provide the utmost feel & control.
  • Carbon Fibre knuckles protection
  • Flexi-fit fingers for comfort fit.
  • Special Abrasion Resistant palm protection.
  • Dual Velcro wrist closure to ensure gloves do not come off in case of a fall.
  • Keprotec Fabric: a product of Schoeller Switzerland, is five times stronger than steel per gram& used in the manufacture to provide – Frictional
  • Resistance – Heat Resistance – Weather resistance





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